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  • Condition: New
  • Model: ZG
  • Pressure: High Pressure
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Certification: ISO9001,ASME,IBR
  • Usage: Industrial
  • Output: steam
  • Brand name ZG Boiler
  • Install: Available
  • Standard: ASME, ISO,IBR
  • Weight: according to models
  • OEM service: Available
  • Type: Natural Circulation
  • Company type: Manufacturer

Fuel:biomass,coal,bagasse,rich husk,wood,Lean coal,lignite,bituminous coal,anthracite coal,gas,natural gas

Application: Biomass Cogeneration,Concrete & Asphalt,Utilities,Fossil Power,Industrial Power & Process Steam,Mining,Pulp and Paper,Refining...

Capacity:4 ton,6 ton,10 ton,15 ton,20 ton,35 ton,40 ton,45 ton,50 ton,55 ton,65 ton,75 ton,100 ton,200 ton,240 ton,280 ton...

In industry, Power plant boiler is mainly used in thermal power plant and cement,  metallurgy, coal plant, paper mill waste heating power generation.

Power plant boilers in Thermal power plants

Thermal power plants are one of the main sources of electricity in both industrialized and developing countries. The variation in the thermal power stations is due to the different fuel sources (coal, natural gas, naptha, etc). In a thermal power plant, one of coal, oil or natural gas is used to heat the boiler to convert the water into steam. In fact, more than half of the electricity, generated in the world is by using coal as the primary fuel.

Waste heat power plant boiler

Power has became the essential commodity all over the world. Globally conventional fuels are going to be exhausted. World wide all resource & development organizations are focusing on non-conventional energy & effective utilization of conventional energies. In many industry, like cement, paper mill, metallurgy, more and more company build waste heating power plant boiler.

Power plant boiler types


CFB power plant boiler 

Fuel: Various types of coal
Capacity: 35-410 ton

CFB power plant boiler.jpg

CFB power plant boiler is a heat equipment which is mainly used in the western development, the content of harmful gases such as S02 and N0x that produced by coal fired power plant boiler discharged smoke can be reduced by 80% ~ 90% on this technology.It can also effectively reduce the pollution of the atmospheric environment which produced by coal fired power generation.Have great significance for protecting the fragile ecological environment of the western region.

A. High efficiency: The fan save energy more than 30%, Boiler coal saving up to 3%-5%, annual operation hours up to 8000 hours.
B. Various Coal: Bituminous coal, lignite and other combustible coal, also can burn anthracite coal and other nonflammable coal,as well as burn biomass as fuel.
C. Environmental: desulfurization rate reach 80% - 90%, SO2 and NOx gas emissions reduced by 80%-90%.

Gas power plant boiler

Fuel: Natural gas
Capacity: 20-130 ton

gas power plant boiler.jpg

Gas power plant boiler is a national recommended power plant boiler equipment in process of “Coal to gas” , generally belong to large bulk boiler, is a kind of ideal green environmental protection products with high efficiency, low consumption and low pollution.

A. Energy-saving: boiler continuous operation life more than 10 years, gas fired power plant boiler heat production output and thermal efficiency can be up to 92%, higher than the national regulations, has a good energy-saving effect.
B. Environmental protection: produces only carbon dioxide,water and a small amount of nitrogen oxygen compounds,compared with coal-fired boiler that produce large quantities of sulfide, dust and other high polluting products,oil and gas fired power plant boiler on the environment damage is minimal,boiler flue gas blackness, blackness and concentration of the smoke dust, noise and other technical indicators are better than the national A class of regional standards.

Biomass power plant boiler

Fuel: straw, bagasse
Capacity: 10-280 ton

Biomass powe plant boiler

The agricultural and forestry waste straw from rural areas processed into biomass pellet fuel supply power station boiler,has the unification of social benefit and economic benefit.

A. High environmental protection:at least 16100 tons carbon dioxide, 150 tons smoke dust, 80 tons sulfur dioxide and 70 tons nitrogen oxides can be reduced each year.
B. Low cost: saving fuel cost, biomass power plant boiler efficiency is more than 80% generally, save a great deal of boiler fuel; save the cost of human resource, the fuel of biomass power plant boiler is clean and feed convenient, reduce the labor intensity of workers and labor costs, traditional boiler system need 4 persons but now only need 1 person can be completed.

Recommended models: biomass CFB power plant boiler,biomass corner tube boiler

Waste heat power plant boiler

Fuel: Industrial waste heating gas
Capacity: 4-130 ton

Waste Heat power plant Boiler.jpg

Waste heat power plant boiler utilize burning the waste heat or other combustible material from waste gas,flotsam or discard solution produced by various industrial processes to produce heat and heated the water to a certain medium then carry on power generation,it’s a typical equipment that practice the concept of making waste profitable.

A. Saving fuel cost: the fuel of waste heat boiler from industry process produce industry “three waste” with waste heat.saving the fuel purchase expenses. reducing the cost of enterprise operation.
B. Eliminate waste pollution: industrial waste cyclic utilization, reduce waste water, waste gas and solid waste pollution.
C. Beneficial to human health: "industrial waste" containing a variety of toxic and harmful substances, these substances can cause direct harm to human body, some have accumulation effect, more serious harm to human health, waste heat boiler burning industrial waste, prevent the harm to the human body.

Power plant boiler Cases

Cases about Power plant boiler

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Power plant boiler capacity & types

There are all kinds of circulating fluidized bed boiler based on fuel and application, you may find the product which suitable for you.

Fluidized Bed Boiler in Chemical and Petroleum Industry

Low cost biomass fueled CFB boilers for craft brewing indust

Power Plant CFB boiler with Sugar Industry

More solutions

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Wooden box package of Power plant boiler

Delivery Detail:90 days after payment

Power plant boiler shipping


Why choose ZG Boiler as Power plant boiler manufacturer

We have over 70 years' experience of boiler and autoclave, and we have a professional installation and after-sales staff for products.Take advantage of the most economical way to improve efficiency and operating flexibility, Get substantial savings on your fuel costs,Reduce all emissions for each K/W of electricity generated, including CO2.

How about the quality of Power plant boiler ?

About Power plant boiler Certificate picture

Our Power plant boiler manufactured strictly according to national and international standard. our products have approved ASME, IBR, ISO9001-2008, etc

All our company's products are 100% factory inspected to ensure the high quality.

We provide one year quality warranty service, please rest assured purchase.

Our service

About Power plant boiler service picture

ZG service ensures correct installation and commissioning for optimum performance by trained technicians. Correct installation is essential for optimum equipment performance. You will most likely not even notice that anything is amiss, but it could mean that equipments wear out prematurely or money simply slips through your fingers as wasted energy.

ZG service ensures that this will not happen. During installation of Power plant boiler, 1-2 experienced engineering and technical personnel will be sent for the site representative for technical tests and installation instructions free of charge; processing the various problems arising in the course timely while installing.

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